With Boot-throwers to New Zealand

I had an impressive journey with boot-throwers to New Zealand at the end of March 2010. I travelled with Boot Throwographer, Saapassissi and Saapaskissa. Our German friends a document film maker Eckehard Dux and Anita Otto the president of German Bootthrowing Association joined our group in Wellington.

I have collected links to blogs regarding our New Zealand journey.  Many of the stories are written in Finnish. Even you are not Finnish speaking it’s worth to see these blog articles because of   photos and videos on those blogs.

Last autumn Elizabeth Mortland the Project & Events Coordinator of Taihape Community Development Trust sent a message to Esa Kokkonen the President of Finnish Bootthrowing Association and invited us to the 25th Gumboot Day organized on the 20th March 2010.

The invitation inspired Saapassissi to wrote about boot-throwers’ mission ”Booting the World” and boot-throwers’ vision “Boot-throwing is the most joyful sport in the World”: Saapassissit etäisille maille. On the New Year’s blog article he wrote about an episode happened ten years ago when Elizbeth’s son Jason came to discuss with him and that started the New Zealand project: Oi Uusi-Seelanti

Boot Throwographer connected this journey to his research work. See more: Visit to Taihape, New Zealand – the Gumboot Capital of the World.

When Boot Throwographer was repairing his journey wrote Saapasnainen who stayed at home with three children about her feelings: Business Time.  There you will find  also nice music from New Zealand.

Just before leaving Saapassissi wrote about his plans for the long lasting journey. He tells about the literature he planned to read during the flights and about using a new dictating machine that is still in it’s unopened box: Saapassissit yön syliin

See feelings of Boot Throwographer at Helsinki Airport and some happenings during the journey:  A long way to NZ.

Home staying Saapasnainen wrote about the journey from her point of view: Pitkä matka. There you will also find a music of the band Ardijah. It is a nationally known band and very popular in New Zealand among those who like reggae-type music. We enjoyed of that music in the Gumboot Day evening.

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