We stayed over a night in Wellington before our journey to Taihape. Saapassissi wrote about happenings there and at Wellington Airport. He told about a dog who found an apple in his bag at airport and about explanations asked by customs employee because of the boots in his luggage. The simple explanation was “I’m a boot-thrower”. See more: Hämäräperäisen pakaasin arvoitus. The most important happening in Wellington was that we met our German friends Anita and Eckehard there.


Eckehard and Boot Throwographer in the Ibis bar in Wellington.

Boot Throwographer tells about our journey to Taihape on the blog Arrival to Taihape. At the end of his blog there is a very important paragraph for boot-throwers, an introducing of a real gumboot with many photos.

Saapaskissa writes about Marketing Communications Manager of KiwiRail who took a lot of photos of our group at Wellington railway station and she tells about the very friendly employees on the Overlander train. She writes also about the Kiwi bird which was claimed to be died extinction according Saapassissi. This claim have been shown to be wrong during our Taihape visiting. On the video Saapaskissa tells about windy weather and she hope she will find gloves good enough for throwing in Taihape because she forgot her throwing gloves in Finland. See more: Uuden-Seelannin löytöjä.

We travelled from Wellington to Taihape by the Overlander train.

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