In Taihape

In the second morning in Taihape we woke to cold. Outside there were -2 degrees frost. Saapassissi tells on his blog that a frost in New Zealand at this time of year is as unusual as snow in Finland at midsummer. See more about that: Kotoinen olo. I think Saapassissi dramatizes. Our motel’s host told that this was the first frost in this year and the weather is very cold, if there are -5 to -6 degrees frost in Taihape. After Boot Throwographer had read this blog he came to tell us that there should be heat blowers somewhere. We found the heat blowers and we got our apartment warm and nice.

We had a lot to do while waiting the big day

Saapaskissa tells about testing the Skellerup boot on a video in English: Kumisaappaan testausta. The video was filmed and edited by Echehard Dux. Saapaskissa wrote also a fiction story about finding Kiwi birds around her training session on Mt Stewart Reserve near our motel. See more: Kiivilintua vaanimassa.


From Mt Sterwart we saw the still active volcano Mt Ruapehu.

Boot Throwographer did his research and consulted the organizers of the Gumboot Day. See more: Tully Golden Gumboot Festival and Taihape.

Saapassissi tells about Saint Patrick’s Day at Workingmens Club of Taihape:  Taihapen työväentalolla, a huge throw made by Saaskissa with Skellerup boot and planning Boot-throwing Center of Pacific Ocean Area with local Rotary club members the organizer of Gumboot Day: Saapaskissa tempaisi takalaittoman. He tells also a discussion to exclude Finnish throwers outside the official competition because of their long throws: Suomalaiset suljetaan ulos?

On our third evening in Taihape we visited at an opening of a local art exhibition and after that Elizabeth invited us to her place.


Eckehard and Anita at the art exhibition.


Elizabeth’s house is located on a big hill. What a view over Taihape!

At last came the big day


First in the morning there was a NZ tv channel, Onenews of Tv1 filming on the boot-throwing field where Finnish boot-throwers were training throwers of Taihape. See



The president of International Bootthrowing Association said few words to the audience of Gumboot Day.


Boot Throwographer writes about The Gumboot Day 20.3.2010 in Taihape, NZ.


Saapassissi tells about the Gumboot Day on his own way, a little bit dramatic, as always: Kunniaa haimme – taaloja saimme!.


In the evening we were in the concert of Ardijah. Below one of their joyful songs.

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