After Gumboot Day

A day after Gumboot Day Boot Throwographer travelled to Wellington. Read his experiences: Wellington 22.–25.3.2010.


We others with our German friends visited at Art Deco City Napier. The journey from Taihape over mountains to Napier and back was adventurous. Elizabeth was our driver and our way moved fast. Elizabeth used to be a rally driver years ago.




See more photos of the journey to Napier on Saapassissi’s blog Kaksi pikataivalta yli vuorten. Here you can also read that in the evening after the Napier journey German and Finnish boot-throwers were invited to enjoy barbecue at a local Rotary member’s place.


When we were leaving Taihape Saapassissi started to be nostalgic and wrote about two boot-thrower journalists’ meeting: Kahden sissitoimittajan kohtaaminen.



Elizabeth was always busy, but in a good mood. She saw off us at the railway station.meri

Few moments before arriving at Wellington we saw the Pacific Ocean.


After arriving at Wellington we enjoyed our dinner in a Japanese restaurant. Saapassissi’s style to use sticks was quite creative. Read about our Japanese dinner and some other eating experiences on  Saapaskissa’s blog Heittäjäkissan ruokavalio.


A day before leaving New Zealand we visited at Te Papa Museum. The exhibition A Day in Pompeii was an experience you can’t forget.




Saapasnainen was happy when she had to wait only an around-the-clock-time her husband Boot Throwographer. She wrote the story Luomukäden paluu about her feelings.


When we arrived at Finland the weather was misty, but the mist was not so nice as it was on our way to Napier.



The Sun was rising when our airplane approached Helsinki.


 A view from our balcany in Riihimäki.   A mist on our way to Napier.


During two weeks after arriving back at Finland Saapassissi still wrote about Taihape experiences. On the blog article Hauskuuden ytimessä he writes that people in New Zealand think the most important is joy when throwing gumboot. On this blog Michael Abraham the professor of joynery from Taihape university tells about the history of Gumboot Day in English. Maybe people in New Zealand could help us to reach our vision. On the latest article from New Zealand Saapassissi tells about gumboots everywhere in Taihape: Miljoona, miljoona saapasta.


Eckehard tells about New Zealand journey in German language on the site of Gib Gummi 03 Berlin.

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