A Layer Cake for Boot-throwers

Last weekend, but just temporarily, I extended my supporting area. I made a layer cake for the first boot-throwing club in Finland and maybe in the whole World.

The club Saapasseura Ronttoset has been founded in November 1989 and since the autumn of 1990 it has organized boot-throwing cups called South Finnish Spring Cup and South Finnish Autumn Cup.

I was one of the founders of Saapasseura Ronttoset. I have to admit that I just gave my name to use as a founder when Saapassissi and one of his good friend Henry Peltomaa decided to found the club. Now I can say that my life have been richer during this twenty years than it would have been without all nice boot-throwers from Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russian, France and New Zealand.

This spring Saapasseura Ronttoset organized Twenty Years Anniversary Competition of Ronttoset Cup.  I made the layer cake for the last competition of the cup. Baking is not one of my best skills. I haven’t ever made as big layer cake as I made now. That’s why I documented the cake making process by photographing. Like the cake, I have seen boot-throwing grown up. With the photos I wish long, happy and joyful life for all boot-throwers and all boot-throwing clubs of the World.

kakku1 kakku2
The cake after being in an oven. The mould removed after cooling.
kakku3 kakku4
The layers cut. Moistening with peach juice and filling with pulp of bananas.
kakku5 kakku6
Filling made. Prepared for staying in our fridge over a night.
kakku7 kakku8
Covered with cream mousse. The writings made with a decorating gel.
The cake is completed.

With Boot-throwers to New Zealand

I had an impressive journey with boot-throwers to New Zealand at the end of March 2010. I travelled with Boot Throwographer, Saapassissi and Saapaskissa. Our German friends a document film maker Eckehard Dux and Anita Otto the president of German Bootthrowing Association joined our group in Wellington.

I have collected links to blogs regarding our New Zealand journey.  Many of the stories are written in Finnish. Even you are not Finnish speaking it’s worth to see these blog articles because of   photos and videos on those blogs.

Last autumn Elizabeth Mortland the Project & Events Coordinator of Taihape Community Development Trust sent a message to Esa Kokkonen the President of Finnish Bootthrowing Association and invited us to the 25th Gumboot Day organized on the 20th March 2010.

The invitation inspired Saapassissi to wrote about boot-throwers’ mission ”Booting the World” and boot-throwers’ vision “Boot-throwing is the most joyful sport in the World”: Saapassissit etäisille maille. On the New Year’s blog article he wrote about an episode happened ten years ago when Elizbeth’s son Jason came to discuss with him and that started the New Zealand project: Oi Uusi-Seelanti

Boot Throwographer connected this journey to his research work. See more: Visit to Taihape, New Zealand – the Gumboot Capital of the World.

When Boot Throwographer was repairing his journey wrote Saapasnainen who stayed at home with three children about her feelings: Business Time.  There you will find  also nice music from New Zealand.

Just before leaving Saapassissi wrote about his plans for the long lasting journey. He tells about the literature he planned to read during the flights and about using a new dictating machine that is still in it’s unopened box: Saapassissit yön syliin

See feelings of Boot Throwographer at Helsinki Airport and some happenings during the journey:  A long way to NZ.

Home staying Saapasnainen wrote about the journey from her point of view: Pitkä matka. There you will also find a music of the band Ardijah. It is a nationally known band and very popular in New Zealand among those who like reggae-type music. We enjoyed of that music in the Gumboot Day evening.


We stayed over a night in Wellington before our journey to Taihape. Saapassissi wrote about happenings there and at Wellington Airport. He told about a dog who found an apple in his bag at airport and about explanations asked by customs employee because of the boots in his luggage. The simple explanation was “I’m a boot-thrower”. See more: Hämäräperäisen pakaasin arvoitus. The most important happening in Wellington was that we met our German friends Anita and Eckehard there.


Eckehard and Boot Throwographer in the Ibis bar in Wellington.

Boot Throwographer tells about our journey to Taihape on the blog Arrival to Taihape. At the end of his blog there is a very important paragraph for boot-throwers, an introducing of a real gumboot with many photos.

Saapaskissa writes about Marketing Communications Manager of KiwiRail who took a lot of photos of our group at Wellington railway station and she tells about the very friendly employees on the Overlander train. She writes also about the Kiwi bird which was claimed to be died extinction according Saapassissi. This claim have been shown to be wrong during our Taihape visiting. On the video Saapaskissa tells about windy weather and she hope she will find gloves good enough for throwing in Taihape because she forgot her throwing gloves in Finland. See more: Uuden-Seelannin löytöjä.

We travelled from Wellington to Taihape by the Overlander train.

In Taihape

In the second morning in Taihape we woke to cold. Outside there were -2 degrees frost. Saapassissi tells on his blog that a frost in New Zealand at this time of year is as unusual as snow in Finland at midsummer. See more about that: Kotoinen olo. I think Saapassissi dramatizes. Our motel’s host told that this was the first frost in this year and the weather is very cold, if there are -5 to -6 degrees frost in Taihape. After Boot Throwographer had read this blog he came to tell us that there should be heat blowers somewhere. We found the heat blowers and we got our apartment warm and nice.

We had a lot to do while waiting the big day

Saapaskissa tells about testing the Skellerup boot on a video in English: Kumisaappaan testausta. The video was filmed and edited by Echehard Dux. Saapaskissa wrote also a fiction story about finding Kiwi birds around her training session on Mt Stewart Reserve near our motel. See more: Kiivilintua vaanimassa.


From Mt Sterwart we saw the still active volcano Mt Ruapehu.

Boot Throwographer did his research and consulted the organizers of the Gumboot Day. See more: Tully Golden Gumboot Festival and Taihape.

Saapassissi tells about Saint Patrick’s Day at Workingmens Club of Taihape:  Taihapen työväentalolla, a huge throw made by Saaskissa with Skellerup boot and planning Boot-throwing Center of Pacific Ocean Area with local Rotary club members the organizer of Gumboot Day: Saapaskissa tempaisi takalaittoman. He tells also a discussion to exclude Finnish throwers outside the official competition because of their long throws: Suomalaiset suljetaan ulos?

On our third evening in Taihape we visited at an opening of a local art exhibition and after that Elizabeth invited us to her place.


Eckehard and Anita at the art exhibition.


Elizabeth’s house is located on a big hill. What a view over Taihape!

At last came the big day


First in the morning there was a NZ tv channel, Onenews of Tv1 filming on the boot-throwing field where Finnish boot-throwers were training throwers of Taihape. See http://tvnz.co.nz/content/3424906.



The president of International Bootthrowing Association said few words to the audience of Gumboot Day.


Boot Throwographer writes about The Gumboot Day 20.3.2010 in Taihape, NZ.


Saapassissi tells about the Gumboot Day on his own way, a little bit dramatic, as always: Kunniaa haimme – taaloja saimme!.


In the evening we were in the concert of Ardijah. Below one of their joyful songs.

After Gumboot Day

A day after Gumboot Day Boot Throwographer travelled to Wellington. Read his experiences: Wellington 22.–25.3.2010.


We others with our German friends visited at Art Deco City Napier. The journey from Taihape over mountains to Napier and back was adventurous. Elizabeth was our driver and our way moved fast. Elizabeth used to be a rally driver years ago.




See more photos of the journey to Napier on Saapassissi’s blog Kaksi pikataivalta yli vuorten. Here you can also read that in the evening after the Napier journey German and Finnish boot-throwers were invited to enjoy barbecue at a local Rotary member’s place.


When we were leaving Taihape Saapassissi started to be nostalgic and wrote about two boot-thrower journalists’ meeting: Kahden sissitoimittajan kohtaaminen.



Elizabeth was always busy, but in a good mood. She saw off us at the railway station.meri

Few moments before arriving at Wellington we saw the Pacific Ocean.


After arriving at Wellington we enjoyed our dinner in a Japanese restaurant. Saapassissi’s style to use sticks was quite creative. Read about our Japanese dinner and some other eating experiences on  Saapaskissa’s blog Heittäjäkissan ruokavalio.


A day before leaving New Zealand we visited at Te Papa Museum. The exhibition A Day in Pompeii was an experience you can’t forget.




Saapasnainen was happy when she had to wait only an around-the-clock-time her husband Boot Throwographer. She wrote the story Luomukäden paluu about her feelings.


When we arrived at Finland the weather was misty, but the mist was not so nice as it was on our way to Napier.



The Sun was rising when our airplane approached Helsinki.


 A view from our balcany in Riihimäki.   A mist on our way to Napier.


During two weeks after arriving back at Finland Saapassissi still wrote about Taihape experiences. On the blog article Hauskuuden ytimessä he writes that people in New Zealand think the most important is joy when throwing gumboot. On this blog Michael Abraham the professor of joynery from Taihape university tells about the history of Gumboot Day in English. Maybe people in New Zealand could help us to reach our vision. On the latest article from New Zealand Saapassissi tells about gumboots everywhere in Taihape: Miljoona, miljoona saapasta.


Eckehard tells about New Zealand journey in German language on the site of Gib Gummi 03 Berlin.