Crisis and development

Life is continuous development, and crises are natural part of living. Word crisis is based on Latin Language word “krinein” which means choice. In crisis there is always a possibility to reform and choose a new path. Crisis is important part in individuals and in society’s development. Positively solved crisis is foundation to a future development.

Our bootthrowing family has drifted into grip substance crisis. I have strong feeling that this will force us to develop significantly. It seems that the only way to make all the throwers satisfied is to focus on boot development. More rubbery and flexible boot would have much better grip than the existing boot.

Decision about grip substances has made many throwers feel unhappy.  Eventually this same decision might turn out to be essential in our development to become recognized as the most joyful sport in the world. Surviving through hard times segregates the strong from the weak. We must try to survive as a solid group. We can’t afford to underestimate anyone.

There is no reason to give up on this winter or any other. Spring is coming. Every time we make it through hard times as winners, things will be better than before.