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Wellington 22.–25.3.2010

  With my four research interview recordings and huge amount of other observations I came from Taihape to Wellington. Wellington is a typical city with buildings where people live above and below each other: they are called blocks of flats.         The conditions for university students in Wellington are excellent.       [...]

The Gumboot Day 20.3.2010 in Taihape, NZ

   In the morning of the Gumboot Day the Finnish-German boot commandos had a chance put forward their mission to boot the world on a national NZ tv channel, in the Onenews of Tv1, see:            The Gumboot Day offered all kinds of activities and attractions  – to put [...]


  Compared with Finnish rural towns and places Taihape’s townscape is unexpected. The town centre is densely built, shops side by side. It is incredible that in a town of under 2 000 inhabitants there are shops and services for almost all needs. The backbone of Taihape centre is the State Highway 1, the main road [...]

Tully Golden Gumboot Festival

  18.3.2010   The day went by giving an interview concerned with our visit in Taihape for Peak FM radio and doing interviews connected with my research project. In the evening we visited Elisabeth’s house on the hill – stunning views over the town!     It is always a pleasure to learn something new. Today [...]

Arrival to Taihape

  16.3.2010     Early in the morning the Finnish-German expedition jumped on the Overlander train and started their journey to Taihape which is located 230 km north of the capital city, Wellington. The terrain in New Zealand is largely hilly.     However, some tens of kilometers to the north of Wellington there are [...]

A long way to NZ

  Bangkok Ok! Although demonstrations caused delays to the timetables of the flights.       The metropolis of Sydney was passed so quickly that there was no time for taking photos.   Wellington, all things ok! The only problem was that my suitcase got lost during the trip. Thank you, Oneworld partners!     [...]

Helsinki Airport

  Airport is a good place to concretely sense the contemporaneousness of all spaces and places of the globe (see Massey 2005). In three hours I am going to leave my mother-country, wife and three lovely children for almost two weeks. Feeling homesickness already, but I think I will soon have also something else to [...]

Visit to Taihape, New Zealand – the Gumboot Capital of the World

  In my research work I am currently engaged in a research titled ‘Development and utilization of cultural events in the countryside’.  The aim of the research is to analyze the cultural, economical, social and psychological meanings of rural events in the local, regional, national and international contexts.  The practical aim is to bring out [...]