The Gumboot Day 20.3.2010 in Taihape, NZ


In the morning of the Gumboot Day the Finnish-German boot commandos had a chance put forward their mission to boot the world on a national NZ tv channel, in the Onenews of Tv1, see:  





The Gumboot Day offered all kinds of activities and attractions  – to put it shortly: ‘Kiwi relaxation’ – for example:


… Music …




… Fun for kids …





… Comedy …





… Shearing …




… Stalls …




… And, of course, gumboot throwing …







The Finnish team won the team competition with $ prizes, so the analysis of an unknown boot wizard came true: ‘Money is not a problem – only, but minor, is how to use it’.




  1. Rosalie Crawford
    Posted 24.03.2010 at 8:20:02 | Permalink

    hey there Boot Throwographer,

    can you please please please post all this plus your link to your site to the NZ Gumboot Day page on Facebook???? It would be very grand to have such an esteemed writer featured on our page and membership is growing by about 20 per week at the moment with a great rush of new page members in the days just leading up to Gumboot Day.


  2. Posted 13.11.2010 at 8:30:36 | Permalink

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